Friday, March 25, 2011

Studio Optyx showcasing New Models in New York

Studio Optyx took New York City by storm this past weekend at the Carolton Hotel on 5th Ave (Millesime Restaurant)

With the piano and the upright base setting the pace, We showcased new models from Derapage Eyewear, manufactured in Italy and Mainhattan Eyewear and Sunglasses manufactured at our factory in near Frankfurt, Germany.

We have teamed up with famous fashion designer Ola Hawatmeh with her brand Ola Styles

With Ola's swimsuit line we matched the new Sunglass models from Mainhattan Eyewear as the drums and electric guitar amp up the house. We have produced a new flash mirror that matches the frame and the new patented paint feels like rubber on the stainless steel frame.

The sleek new acetates from the Derapage collection keep the same racy look that Derapage is known for, but add a new dimension with the geek chic nerd style round glasses.

Camera's were flashing, crowds gathering and cheering, drinks were flowing...a night not to forget!