Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5 Cool Eyeglasses Innovations on the Horizon

By: Tracy Hall

After not changing much at all since the 19th century, the process of vision correction using eyeglasses has been progressing in leaps and bounds in recent years. Check out these exciting concepts, available very soon or even right now!
1. No More Reading Glasses or Bifocals

2. Hi-definition eyeglasses
Recent computer technology allows far more customized lens making than formerly, creating a lens that is adapted not only for the overall vision correction but individually designed for the contours of your particular eye. The same wavefront computer mapping technology used to map the eye for LASIK surgery is used to create the lenses.
When available: Now, at a cost of 25 – 30% more per lens than traditional eyeglasses.
Until now, an inevitable and dreaded rite of passage into middle age has been the need for reading glasses, or even worse, bifocals. Trufocals or Superfocus glasses aim to change the need for multiple glasses and lenses by use of fluid-filled lenses behind the usual corrective lenses. The extra lens is adjustable by means of a slider on the nose piece, allowing the user to sharpen focus for different focusing distances.
When available: Now, but be prepared to pay significant money–the Superfocus glasses retail for $895.