Tuesday, March 5, 2013



All the frames of the Mainhattan collection are like the facets of a big metropolis. We intend to make models for people with a special personality, not for averaged. Our collection shows a lot of varieties of design and materials, produced in a high quality to represent a statement of character. The most important thing: Everyone can find his private masterpiece. 

Frankfurt – Mainhattan
The inhabitants of Frankfurt am Main like to compare their skyline with the one of Manhattan, New York and if you ask them where they are coming from, many times they proudly will answer: "We are from MAINhattan!". We take Frankfurts 'pet name' as a representative brand name, because it is able to express the feeling of being in Frankfurt and shows that Frankfurt is an inspiration for us during all the time we are creating our "new german eyewear design". Everyday when we are designing new frames we try to assimilate all the impressions given by the managers, investment bankers, brokers and all the other people living in Frankfurt with a lot of demand on high quality eyewear design.